Patient Story - A patient was unhappy with her appearance after years of treatment

The Challenge

A female patient who attended having been told that their bridge that had fallen out could not be fixed back in. She was already unhappy with the appearance of her previous crowns and bridge, and was concerned about how her smile could be fixed.
Having examined the teeth it became apparent that years of dental work had lead to failure of the remaining upper teeth and that it would be necessary to extract many of them.


Patient was unhappy with her appearance and looked like this: 



The solution was to remove many of her upper teeth and design an implant solution to provide a great smile and give fixed, natural looking teeth. This was achieved using an implant supported bridge with quality ceramics. The new implants and necessary grafting were all carried out in one painless visit, and before long we were able to re-construct her new smile and give her back the confidence she had lost.


After our work, they looked like this: 


End result:

The treatment progressed well with no complications, resulting in a pain free, successful result. Her smile was perfect again, without the risk of crowns falling out all of the time.
The patient was able to socialise again and enjoy eating out with friends and having the confidence to smile.

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