Dental Implants

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a specialist fixture made from Titanium that essentially replaces the root of a missing tooth.

The dental implant “bonds” to bone giving a firm fixture so that a crown can be attached, or in a more complex case, other attachments can be made in order to replace multiple missing teeth.

Why have dental implants?

The loss of a tooth, or multiple teeth over time, can lead to a loss of confidence and difficulties with chewing. If many teeth are lost a lack of facial support can also become apparent leading to a change in facial profile.

When anyone loses a tooth it is essential that a consideration should be given for a replacement tooth to be placed to prevent adjacent teeth drifting or tilting and to ensure chewing is well balanced to protect the remaining natural teeth. In the past many people have not been offered replacement until multiple teeth are lost and then often the only solution was a denture. Unfortunately, a denture rarely provides the correct support as they move during chewing and often result in a loss of confidence for the wearer.

Dental implants can help replace missing teeth at the front of the mouth in order to improve your smile and restore confidence. Back teeth can also be replaced to restore chewing and provided stability in mouths where tooth loss is leading to damage to the remaining teeth.

Which Dental Implants are best?

There are over 500 Dental implant manufacturers worldwide and many of these produce multiple systems. So how do you choose a dental implant to ask for? The answer: you don’t have to!

An experienced knowledgeable implant dentist will have a full understanding of the materials used, the design features and the quality of the final product of any implant system they are choosing.

7oaks clinic uses the Adin implant system. Why have we chosen this system? 

  • For over 20 years, Adin has provided dentists and dental technicians with innovative solutions with advanced knowledge in the implantology field of dentistry.
  • Adin are innovators in the dental implant industry, with other manufacturers following.
  • A superbly designed implant offering good bone stability and suitable for all implant treatment options.
  • The Adin Close Fit Implant is designed for the perfectionist that does not want to compromise on aesthetics, functionality and versatility and is the first choice implant at 7oaks clinic
  • Adin is a global brand with an excellent reputation for quality and reliability
Dental implant tool
Dental implant graphic
Dental implant parts
Single tooth implant


When you have a single tooth missing a dental implant will provide the ultimate replacement as it does not involve further damage to the adjacent teeth, it preserves bone long term, providing chewing support in order to protect the other teeth, and provides the next best thing to a natural tooth.

A single implant is usually a simple procedure, painless, and carried out under local anaesthetic. You will always have a temporary replacement, if required, during your treatment, never having a gap in the smile. Each person’s individual requirements will always be considered when planning the type of temporary provided.

Single Implant

Consultation Free
2D Radiographs Free
Completed implant and crown £1595
Additional costs apply for bone grafting, sinus lift or tooth extraction (if required).
Multiple tooth implants


If multiple teeth are missing dental implants are even more important when considering a fixed replacement. Conventional bridges, using teeth at each end of the gap, are known to be more prone to failure when used over longer spaces.

Dental implants work independently of the adjacent teeth, thus preserving them and prolonging the life of the surrounding natural teeth. Dental implants also spread the load during chewing and help to preserve bone in the area. Dentures used in these areas are generally poor at spreading load and result in more bone loss in the area over time.

Multiple missing teeth can often be replaced using a bridge on implants, thereby reducing the cost, as not every tooth being replaced requires it’s own implant.

Multiple Implants

Consultation Free
2D Radiographs Free
Completed treatment with 2 implants and three tooth bridge £3,740
Completed treatment with 3 implants and five tooth bridge £5,885
Additional costs apply for bone grafting, sinus lift or tooth extraction (if required).
Full Arch treatments


The loss of all of the teeth in a upper or lower jaw can be an extremely debilitating experience for anyone. The only non-implant option is a full denture. Unfortunately, a denture of this size can have a significant impact on an individual’s confidence and quality of life.

Dental implants provide a number of options for improving the predicament for someone in this position. They are multiple implants and a fixed bridge, four to six implants and fixed Hybrid Denture (often referred to as an “All-on-4” restoration), and an over denture supported by implants.

The choice of which solution is right for someone depends on the individual patient wishes, bone availability and cost of treatment. Many patients about to lose their teeth can have the option of a fixed temporary replacement on the same day as the teeth are extracted and implants placed, often called “Same Day Teeth” or “Teeth in a Day” (subject to a suitability assessment). This avoids the wearing of even a temporary denture during the treatment.

Full Arch Implant

Consultation Free
2D Radiographs Free
Full Arch Same Day Fixed teeth (“All-on-4”) Hybrid £11,995
Full arch Same Day fixed teeth with a final bonded ceramic bridge From

Bone grafting and Sinus grafting

Bone loss can occur for many reasons, including following the loss of teeth, from pre-existing tooth infections and as a result of gum disease. This means bone grafting, sometimes called bone augmentation, is necessary to achieve a good dental implant outcome.

There is a very wide choice of grafting materials and techniques, and should you require grafting, we will explain why and how this can be achieved, along with the preferred materials for an individual’s requirements. In most instances grafting is carried out at the time of implants being placed so completion of treatment is not delayed. Occasionally, it is necessary to graft in advance of implants being placed.

Nowadays, there have been many developments in grafting techniques and materials, and this has resulted in fewer animal or human products being required, with us now favouring in most cases to use synthetic products that result in superior outcomes.

Sinus grafting techniques have also undergone a dramatic change over the past ten years, with significantly less invasive surgery being required in the vast majority of cases. This has reduced the surgical trauma and has resulted in a significantly improved patient experience.

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