Same Day Teeth

An increasingly popular approach in dental implantology is to place a restoration on an implant on the day of implant placement surgery. This is often referred to as Same Day teeth, Teeth in a day or All On 4®. This can enable a patient to avoid wearing a temporary denture or walk around with missing teeth.

Teeth in a day allows patients to dramatically shorten the typical dental implant treatment of around 4 months into an efficient one-day procedure. It is a desirable option because the one-day treatment still achieves a high-quality result with the durability expected of a standard dental implant treatment.  

Please be aware, not everybody is suitable for this technique, but we will advise you of your suitability during your free consultation.

7oaks Clinic provide a full range of Same Day Tooth options, from single teeth to full arch restorations for people all or most of their upper or lower teeth. If you think this is an option that might suit you, please call and arrange to see our team at our Kent-based clinic for an assessment.