No pressure, guaranteed

Over recent years there has become a trend for patients to be offered incentives, such as a free CT scan, to agree to sign up for treatment at the time of their initial consultation. We believe, and in accordance with regulatory guidance, this is an inappropriate way to encourage a patient to make such an important decision. It is essential that anyone embarking on dental implant treatment should have time to reflect on the information they have been provided with, having the opportunity to ask further questions, before agreeing to proceed with treatment.

From the beginning of the journey, we focus our role on empowering patients and giving them confidence to make the best decisions for their needs. We are happy to serve as a trusting partner for patients from our initial consultation.

The team at 7oaks Clinic will provide treatment options that suit you. We do not pressure any patient into starting treatment. On the contrary, we follow all regulatory guidelines, which require a patient to be provided with a comprehensive written treatment plan for implant treatment, and time to consider whether they would like to proceed with treatment.

Our team is also available to be contacted by patients seeking information at any stage of their consultation or implant journey. Patients are welcome to visit us at our implant clinic located in Sevenoaks or you can call us by phone during our opening hours.